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Get trained to teach Back Pocket in your classroom

Our virtual training sessions are a fast, easy way to learn how to Back Pocket to your classroom.

Teachers have a lot on their plates these days.

We want to make this easy for you - not give you another chainsaw to juggle.

  • Live training with our Back Pocket Founder

Designed for those who work with middle and high school aged kids


Want to sign up a group of teachers?

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Meet your instructor

Shaney is a special education teacher who has taught in classrooms, in a nonprofit setting and most recently in an adolescent psychiatric hospital. However, her true expertise came from helping her struggling young son to develop lifelong coping skills. After working with her son and hundreds of struggling kids, Shaney realized that kids were not organically learning coping skills anymore, in large part because of the introduction of technology. Inspired, she compiled the tools and strategies that she has seen work best with kids, and wrote Back Pocket and the Back Pocket workshop.

Student Testimonials

The Back Pocket Workshop helped a lot of us with some cruddy things we were going through. Back Pocket is truly a book that I will use for the rest of my life.”

Ezra D.

"I learned such valuable skills that I can apply to my daily life and I am so grateful for the experience."

Ashley A.

“Back Pocket is one of the most helpful books that can be read in a classroom! I have taken and used many pieces of advice from this book that I use daily! I recommend this book to anyone struggling with their mental health!”

Autumn O.

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