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We're on a mission to teach kids how to look after their own mental health.

We want to get Back Pockets into the hands of every student in America, so that when they walk into adulthood, they're equipped to help themselves through life's challenges.


About the Founder

Shaney Andler

Shaney is a special education teacher who has taught in classrooms, in a nonprofit setting and most recently in an adolescent psychiatric hospital. However, her true expertise came from helping her struggling young son to develop lifelong coping skills. After working with her son and hundreds of struggling kids, Shaney realized that kids were not organically learning coping skills anymore, in large part because of the introduction of technology. Inspired, she set out to give kids a playbook for stress, and wrote Back Pocket and the Back Pocket workshop.

What We're Made Of

Empowering youth

Back Pocket gives teens the actionable tools to help themselves. 


Tell them what to do, not how to feel

Back Pocket workshops teach kids how to experience negative feelings, without letting them control their lives. Equip your students with real-life coping skills, so that when life throws them a curveball, they'll be ready to help themselves.

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