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Back Pocket

(Student edition)

By Shaney Andler

Today, kids are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. The worst part is, when they have an emotional crisis, the options are almost non-existant: an emergency room trip, medication, a hotline, or a months-long wait to see a therapist.

Back Pocket is a quick and easy-to-read mental health guide for kids and young adults, which gives them actionable, practical tips for coping with stressful situations and handling tough emotions.

Written by a trained mental health professional, it's a real solution to the overwhelming problems children are dealing with in today's world. Back Pocket empowers teens and young adults with coping skills, helping them to help themselves.

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Reviews from Amazon

"I would love to get this book into the hands of every single teen, young adult, teacher, counselor, and the list goes on and on..."

Brenda F.

"It is a quick read packed with simple tools that really make a difference in the mind/body connection!"

Lisa R.

"Short, practical and direct, this book gives advice for anyone who is struggling with anxiety..."

Sheila R.

"This book was so well written. No fluff, straight to the point great advice for both teens and adults."

Jennifer W.

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