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"This is truly a journey worth taking as it reminds our youth that they have exactly what they need.”

Gust Athanas -  School Counselor at Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District

Teens aren't learning coping skills anymore, and everyday stressors are overwhelming them.

Teens know what mental health is – anxiety, depression – but they don't know what to do about it.

Teens need preventative coping skills, instead of reactionary last resorts for crises.


Back Pocket is a universal mental health workshop that teaches right-now coping skills.

Teens in 6th grade and up will walk away from the Back Pocket Workshop with a multitude of actionable tools to help nurture their own mental health.  You will guide them on this important journey and communicate to them that they have the power within themselves to make some lifelong, simple changes that can be with them wherever they go. 

The Curriculum


Accessing happy hormones

Students will learn the basics of what makes them happy, starting with the four types of happy hormones. You'll teach them how we access these happy hormones and show them how this can make them feel. 

Breathing and distraction techniques

Teach students how to calm down in a healthy way by having them perform proven breathing and distraction techniques. Here you will also walk them through a series of processing questions that can help them learn to diffuse internal struggles they face.  


Finding gratitude and positivity

Here you will teach students to look at gratitude in a different way by modeling what "finding the small things" looks like.  You will do the same modeling method with a negative to positive thought process.  

Managing cell phone use

Just like teaching kids how to eat a balanced diet in a world full of junk food, we need to teach them to practice moderation with technology on their own. This session gives your students the science behind screentime's negative effects on them, and actionable ways to manage their own consumption.


Our partners


Ryan Herringa

Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - University of Wisconsin Madison

“Most content on mental health is 80% information, 20% action and what I love about Back Pocket is that it is 80% action and 20% information.”

Resources are maxed out - and so are students

Teens can't wait six months to see a therapist every time they have a crisis - they need tools now.

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